Thursday, June 30, 2011

LaDeDa...only in Yachats!

This weekend is the 4th of July weekend and if you arent already on vacation...this is the place to be!

It reminds me of community, patriot spirit, neighbors and serenity! I love this sleepy yet vibriant town tucked away on the Oregon Coast..not a tourist attraction of the hustle and bustle and imported souveniors but instead homemade goodness and unique items! From my FAVORITE coffee and goodies shop The Village Bean to Raindogs and the best Taffy and Candy store to the cozy kitchen shop (amazing items you cant find ANYWHERE else!) To The Turtle Island Candle Shop and we love love the bookstore...Oh and Heidi's pizza and Deli to the Green Salmon.. everywhere you go is smiles and door being held open..please and thanks and a hug from is like going home to comfort!

The 4th is sooo FUN...pie at the local community center to dancing and music at the Green Salmon...the beach for beautiful fireworks and the best...the LaDeDa reminds you of why we LOVE being American...the colors, characters and must must must go!!! Check out GoYachats on Facebook for up-to-date events and OHHH visit the Whale in the Park!! if I wasnt headed to San Fran I would most definately be here for the weekend...and bring an empty tummy this town is full of delights!