Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Friday...

I found myself dancing in the car on my drive into work..and smiling..feeling alive...without it being scary..without thinking I HATE FRIDAYS..but feeling

I am still dragging with this cold/bug and coughing has made for sore ribs!

It truley is one day at a time...step by step....

It is Friday and I am ok :o)

Monday, April 5, 2010

A plate of Fresh Veggies

Ordinarily I would have taken a picture...but imagine the colors of carrots, snow peas and broccoli...bright and bold and so delish! That was lunch..along with a Boca burger (I heart them!) I have very little appetite but felt I need to feed the body to fight the why not be healthy and yummy! I am determined to walk at least 30 min tonight..just to feel energy and not just wish for it..this cold is really hanging on and I am getting FRUSTRATED!

Easter consisted of Chinese Food, a stop at the pharmacy for more Nyquil and back to bed! Nick was a trooper and was so understanding and decided no chocolate bunny needed..he would make brownies! So he did!

I just am so ready to feel better so I can get on with working out and feeling the "spring" back in my step..not the stuffy nose and froggy voice!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter what??? ohh Bunny and Eggs

Somehow as the years have past I no longer can remember where the plastic bright colored eggs are or if I have any spare easter grass..and where oh where are those ginormous easter baskets that once made the kiddos eyes HUGE with delight with the thought that the Easter Bunny would magically fill them with sweets and chocolates along with a game, toy, book or other treasures...

Now with the last one 17 almost 18 he askes.."Can we go to the mall and just get something cool? I really dont like chocolate bunnies but a Cinnabon Roll would be delish!"
Hmm so long gone are the days of dye stained hands and funky looking deviled eggs from the hence dyed eggs that were discovered in the morning during the egg hunt and turned into yummy appetizers of deviled eggs!
Easter dinner that used to seat 12 or more family members will now be a few close friends with teens huddled around the tv watching a movie while we chat.
No early morning wake ups... no hiding eggs in the pouring rain and freezing kids hurrying inside to check their eggs and devour the goodies...Ahhh the Easter Bunny has found a new home...but (whispering) I never liked to dye eggs or gut a pumpkin :o)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Tastes and Adventures

Ok after years of shuddering at even the thought of Sushi...I ventured out to try it this past summer..and ate and ate and ate sushi! Ohhh dear I love sushi! We tried 5-6 places around town and found so many different types!

Again a new adventure..a new flavor...a new wasnt so scary..but delish!