Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its been a wet wet Spring!

I love the rain..i really really do...but I also know that Summer will come SOMETIME...but this year I have my doubts on how much Summer we Oregonians will have! We set records all year so far for the most days of rain, the most inches of snow late in the season, the most rain in 30 days..in a 24 hr hour period...the list goes on and on! But as I walked up my sidewalk last night I stopped...my roses are in bloom and so colorful..

I realized I was being impatient and for this I must take a deep breath...hold faith and realize all that liquid sunshine is purposeful...my flowers are blooming, the trees and grass are SO green this year and I am in no big hurry for skyrocketing electrical bills sans the AC once it is needed..so the Sun will come eventually...and just remember the cool wet Spring in August when I am frustrated with 95+ degrees and the electric bill has arrived...Just breath and slow down...dont rush and look for the positive in what we have...

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