Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sock Monkeys and the Oregon Coast!

Ok I love older toys...they have such character and imagination but two of my FAVORITES are Sock Monkeys and Potato Heads! I love love love Potato Heads and actually have a vast collection (U of O Duck, Elvis, R2D2, Rangers Baseball, TrailBlazers a fireman, ghost, princess, chef and many many others!) and I love the Sock Monkey..he or she always has beautiful red lips and a smile...I have yet to collect any but they just make me happy!

SOOOO one of my FAVORITE places ever is in Yachats little city on the Oregon Beach...go to and drool! They have the best coffee, homemade cookies, lemonade ohh and the staff...lovely, bubbly and so welcoming! Our family either lives in Yachats full time, part time plus a beach house and the star attraction is walking up the street to the Village Bean most mornings and a afternoon snack..and OHHH the unique display (and for sale) items captivate me..ok I always leave with SOMETHING! And this last visit I left with a Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy! These are soo adorable!! So Since I leave for San Fran next Friday this will be a one week Give Away !

Leave a blog comment with your name and email for 1 entry...share this blog on your Facebook for a 2nd entry (leave comment and just say SHARED!)

And for a 3rd entry share it on your blog or twitter! (again leave a SHARED comment!)

And stop by The Village Bean this summer and love love love their Facebook page too! (Be ready to DROOL!)

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sammi1173 said...

I know the person that holds the patent for the sock monkey....I will have to tell you the story someday. = )