Thursday, June 30, 2011

LaDeDa...only in Yachats!

This weekend is the 4th of July weekend and if you arent already on vacation...this is the place to be!

It reminds me of community, patriot spirit, neighbors and serenity! I love this sleepy yet vibriant town tucked away on the Oregon Coast..not a tourist attraction of the hustle and bustle and imported souveniors but instead homemade goodness and unique items! From my FAVORITE coffee and goodies shop The Village Bean to Raindogs and the best Taffy and Candy store to the cozy kitchen shop (amazing items you cant find ANYWHERE else!) To The Turtle Island Candle Shop and we love love the bookstore...Oh and Heidi's pizza and Deli to the Green Salmon.. everywhere you go is smiles and door being held open..please and thanks and a hug from is like going home to comfort!

The 4th is sooo FUN...pie at the local community center to dancing and music at the Green Salmon...the beach for beautiful fireworks and the best...the LaDeDa reminds you of why we LOVE being American...the colors, characters and must must must go!!! Check out GoYachats on Facebook for up-to-date events and OHHH visit the Whale in the Park!! if I wasnt headed to San Fran I would most definately be here for the weekend...and bring an empty tummy this town is full of delights!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sock Monkeys and the Oregon Coast!

Ok I love older toys...they have such character and imagination but two of my FAVORITES are Sock Monkeys and Potato Heads! I love love love Potato Heads and actually have a vast collection (U of O Duck, Elvis, R2D2, Rangers Baseball, TrailBlazers a fireman, ghost, princess, chef and many many others!) and I love the Sock Monkey..he or she always has beautiful red lips and a smile...I have yet to collect any but they just make me happy!

SOOOO one of my FAVORITE places ever is in Yachats little city on the Oregon Beach...go to and drool! They have the best coffee, homemade cookies, lemonade ohh and the staff...lovely, bubbly and so welcoming! Our family either lives in Yachats full time, part time plus a beach house and the star attraction is walking up the street to the Village Bean most mornings and a afternoon snack..and OHHH the unique display (and for sale) items captivate me..ok I always leave with SOMETHING! And this last visit I left with a Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy! These are soo adorable!! So Since I leave for San Fran next Friday this will be a one week Give Away !

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And for a 3rd entry share it on your blog or twitter! (again leave a SHARED comment!)

And stop by The Village Bean this summer and love love love their Facebook page too! (Be ready to DROOL!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MONDAY...Oh wait...TUESDAY!!

I lost a day..but it was a wonderful day spent having breakfast with my Dad and Gayle and driving thru Seattle on my way home...Sometimes without the music on and just looking around at all that surrounded me. The drive home always seems to go so fast and getting there always takes so long. Maybe it is the excitement to see everyone and enjoy the island....

But I am HOME and just in time to announce the winner of the Lee Farms blog....TRISH! You

just must stop at the Farm and see all the goodies and smell all the delightful planters (Oh and they have 2 HUGE dogs be sure to say HI!)

I have 10 days until I am on a plane headed to San Fransisco and am so excited to be spending time in a city I loved to visit as a little girl. I love seafood, chinese food, San Fransisco Park..The GIANTS (oh did I mention I am going to a GAME!) and finally FINALLY I am going to really has been a dream of mine..wonder if Sean Connery is hanging around with Nicolas Cage..I Love The Rock or Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz...hmm

I will spend my birthday and the 4th of July where I was born as a Bay Area baby!
New give away this week before I go that is SOOO fun and adorable!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lee Farms GiveAway

Ok so my last give away is a week past due..been a little busy!!

The winner is...Heidi ! Of Tried and True Cooking with Heidi (some delish recipes..check out her blog!)

nd this weeks give away is from a new place I discovered after passing it many many times..Lee Farms in Tualatin OR...what a wonderful wonderful place with fresh baked goods, hanging baskets and fun rides for the kids and ohhh they have goats!
Homemade cider donuts, apple butter, honey, fresh fruit and veggies!! So I picked out some small gifts to share...2 magnets Live Love Laugh and Dream (2 of my favorite sayings) and 4 honey flavored sticks (cinnamon, coconut, green apple and a suprise flavor!)
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Celebrating...LISA ROSE

I spent last weekend putting together a graduation party for my neice who graduated from the University of Oregon! I am so proud of her and her preserverance to complete college. Lisa has a special soul..she is gentle and kind with a heart of pure gold. She wants peace and kindness, gentleness and goodness for all and she has a love for animals and children that is amazing.
When the kids were young you would often find Lisa and Cory reading Harry Potter adventures or Lisa watching over the younger kids and helping them with toys. If one of the kids were sad or hurt she was at their side comforting them. The small ones would go to her to listen to a story or watch her draw a picture. She is patient, quiet and kind..
Life hasn't always been fair or easy but she has taken many things with stride and continued on with spirit and determination. I am proud of her not only for completing college but for becoming such a beautiful and amazing young woman that is smart, talented, loving and has a beautiful soul....
Lisa thank you for always being you and I am so proud of you and love you...thank you for being my neice

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its been a wet wet Spring!

I love the rain..i really really do...but I also know that Summer will come SOMETIME...but this year I have my doubts on how much Summer we Oregonians will have! We set records all year so far for the most days of rain, the most inches of snow late in the season, the most rain in 30 a 24 hr hour period...the list goes on and on! But as I walked up my sidewalk last night I roses are in bloom and so colorful..

I realized I was being impatient and for this I must take a deep breath...hold faith and realize all that liquid sunshine is flowers are blooming, the trees and grass are SO green this year and I am in no big hurry for skyrocketing electrical bills sans the AC once it is the Sun will come eventually...and just remember the cool wet Spring in August when I am frustrated with 95+ degrees and the electric bill has arrived...Just breath and slow down...dont rush and look for the positive in what we have...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wilsonville Arts Festival

What a beautiful day in this some what of a WET State I live in...FINALLY above 80 degress and I took full advantage!

I walked and walked the booths and tried to find something to here is is...A black cord necklace with tourquoise and clear glass beads on a green wrap metal cord. I loved it! It was handmade by Four Cedars Studio in Eatonville, WA

So next week on Thursday I will pick on lucky viewer! So make sure to leave a comment with your email address!!

Good Luck

Friday, June 3, 2011

Drive...just Drive

The one thing I LOVE about Oregon is I can go from the ocean (coast) to the mountians to the desert in one day...OK a long drive but it can be done!

While on my recent trip I found myself so facinated by the different terrain and the change in weather and the trees and landscaping....I felt I could drive..just drive for hours..ok I did!

This was a drive to remember and find the lost pieces but to also take in all that surrounds me and the beauty of my journey.

I experienced memories and feeling of the sorrow and mourning of losing Bill, the pain and anguish of a divorce and DV relationship...yet the birth of my children, the gift of beautiful friendships and relationships, my strength and belief in God and the true future that lays ahead of me so full of new beginnings was overwhelming...yet I never want to forget where I have been or what I have gone thru. I found it was time to release the pain and feelings of being trapped in sorrow and fear....I needed to start living! The one true jem that Bill left me was my strength and my goodness..he believed in me..and I was beginning to believe in me.

Pain and fear have a great hold on us...yet they limit us and stunt us in growth...I miss Bill every day with all my heart and soul but I cherish all he gave to me and stood by me. We made me promise to never stop living, laughing or being me..somehow that has been set aside as I have grieved and filled with sorrow. We had many talked on my trek across Oregon and I listened to that talk of how he admired me and was amazed at all I had given him and how he had never been "in love" until he met is time to LOVE you..time to take all you know and all you are and live...this is a journey..

Ohhh look for a Giveaway on Monday! I am attending the Festival of Art this weekend and will find a goodie to share!