Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MONDAY...Oh wait...TUESDAY!!

I lost a day..but it was a wonderful day spent having breakfast with my Dad and Gayle and driving thru Seattle on my way home...Sometimes without the music on and just looking around at all that surrounded me. The drive home always seems to go so fast and getting there always takes so long. Maybe it is the excitement to see everyone and enjoy the island....

But I am HOME and just in time to announce the winner of the Lee Farms blog....TRISH! You

just must stop at the Farm and see all the goodies and smell all the delightful planters (Oh and they have 2 HUGE dogs be sure to say HI!)

I have 10 days until I am on a plane headed to San Fransisco and am so excited to be spending time in a city I loved to visit as a little girl. I love seafood, chinese food, San Fransisco Park..The GIANTS (oh did I mention I am going to a GAME!) and finally FINALLY I am going to Alcatraz..it really has been a dream of mine..wonder if Sean Connery is hanging around with Nicolas Cage..I Love The Rock or Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz...hmm

I will spend my birthday and the 4th of July where I was born as a Bay Area baby!
New give away this week before I go that is SOOO fun and adorable!

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Lisa said...

Hey I'm in Sunnyvale (outside San Fransisco) right now! I've been in the city a couple times; it's so fun! I haven't gone to Alcatraz yet either! Who are you going with? Where are you staying? :D