Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cherish Friends

The other day one of my classmates and Facebook peeps posted about cherishing friends..and I thought about Saturday night and how I was so happy to see so many faces laughing and talking..sharing old times and new adventures..I came home and with in 2 days had more friends to chat with that hadn't been to the reunion..both very special friends I shared a lot of High School time with..and I started remembering..and smiled

Last night while driving and talking with Nick he began to share memories and thoughts on his buddy Colton, who just passed away. I felt a deep sorrow for him as this was a friend he shared so much with and they were so much alike..colorful, funny, adventurous, took life as a dare, great with the girls :o), and so many people love and respect them..they were so much alike. Colton was like his little brother, friend and apart of him. Colton used to tell me "I am him and He is me" referring to how they both were passionate about wrestling, being dedicated and striving to win..they understood the pain of loss, the glory of winning and the dedication to be the best they could in all they do. They had a bond more than friends but like brothers..Nick looked at Colton as Nicks big brother had looked at Nick. Colton one weekend was very ill with the flu, yet went to a wrestling tournament...Nick had a serious back injury and could not wrestle (this was a tourn. that Nick reined as Champion at) Colton said to Nick "I am winning this for you"..and continued to wresle all day for Nick even though he had the flu..they had a bond and spent the day curled up on bleachers in between the matches, Nick encouraging and coaching Colton while Colton laid next to Nick...sick and injured but still there together with their team.

A bond I could reflect to friends I had in high school..the giddiness of reconnecting and catching Cherishing Friends ^5

Sunday, July 25, 2010

High School 25th Reunion

25 years...WOW
I had my 25th class reunion..I was so glad to be part of the 3 man planning crew and so glad to see all of the faces I hadn't seen for so many years. It was great to see the kids running and playing..many of them the same age we were in elemenary school..It was great to see the classmates I had gone thru 12 years of school with and all of the classmates I graduated with...a 30 year is definately planned to then a bunch of us will be grandparents...YIKES!