Friday, March 26, 2010

Me...still me

Somedays I feel do I reconnect, how do I laugh and smile when so much has changed, how do I find me again....because I feel "me" is lost in so many of the changes and the re-defining of my life. I am still me in that I love my friends, my family and my children. I love to spend time with people, watch tv curled up on the couch, take the dogs for walks, watch my kids play sports, sew and quilt, cook and venture out and find the new and undiscovered...sometimes it is hard to do those things alone.
Not that I need someone to complete me or to be with me but there is something to be said about companionship and someone to talk and share with...actually alot to be said!

But for now I am working on me...the workout room, taking those walks and counting those points...finding me after 3 years of chocolate comfort (ok not that bad!) and finding soliace in food and my couch...because actually that wasn't me...but it helped me keep moving just not forward...

So "forward" is the 2010 keyword...keep moving forward but never leaving behind anything...just learning its place in the "forward"

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