Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being adorable..with brains!!

Last night we went out dancing..I dont drink but I love to dance! Being with my friends in a small salon dancing and knowing 1/2 the people that walk in the door is fun, no drinks needed except for ice water with a straw.. please!
SO we danced and danced..3 hours worth! (legs are feeling it today with topping it off with a 2 mile walk before dancing and then a workout on Sunday!)
This weekend one of our friends brought along a buddy (male) and he was amazed at how short I am and how amazing I was! LOL not sure how to take that but he was a nice guy, he was there to meet people and boy did he LOL. The comment.."Your eyes smile and you love to laugh"..made me feel alive..just to be able to show signs that I feel alive...
I struggle with the physical apperance of losing weight and not feeling thin..but that is all in time..and it is all a physical exsistence..because what doesnt change is I love to smile, laugh, be with friends, dance, wear cute clothes, get a pedicure and feel the last comment was "freakin cute"!
I have brains, strong common sense, intelligence, passion and secure in who I am and what I have accomplished...and am continuing to accomplish...I dont need fixing...I need to live and enjoy life..thru the highs and lows..

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