Thursday, March 25, 2010


For the past 11 years I have drove the same way...everyday..twice a day to work and home..home has changed, life has has remained the same. SO the drive thru the backroads and farm country has been peaceful, the same and unchanged ...comforting.

Starting last week they starting tearing the road up to bring in new water lines...panic set in..I dont want to drive a different ways...I wanted to yell..I HAVE HAD ENOUGH CHANGES..THIS IS MY ROAD...MY WAY...oh please let me thru...please dont make me drive a different way.

Alas this morning...Road is Closed No thru Traffic

I called my boss...I don't want to drive the detour...I want to go home (tears streaming down my face and hands shaking) Please can I work from home for the next 15 not make me drive a different route...He said..Steph get out your Thomas Guide..It is ok..we will get you thru this and you can make this slowly while remembering to breathe and listening to directions, I drove into the office.

I survived, saw new scenery, discovered new roads but the most important...I made it..I made the change...I still will drive from home to work and back ..I am still ok and it really wasn't as scary as I feared. Anxiety calmed, day started and I am ok...I really am Ok..a bit shaken and frazzled..but I am ok

I can do this..I will be ok...breathe & listen...keep walking...I will be ok

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