Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Move

Calm..Serene..New Starts..

I packed, moved and settled..The Pacific Ocean is in my front yard and the sound of the ocean is what wakes me..

The nights have started to be more peaceful..with less anxiety and loneliness. This is a new start but filled with blessings. My years of schooling & hours apon hours of experience & internships to find my niche in Social Services has become reality. I am excited at this opportunity.

The last part of the grieving process..moving from the comfort of Wilsonville was a struggle and emotional. It is there I began to let down walls and open up to love and finally trust and feel safe. I raised 2 wonderful boys, have a strong circle of people I calls friends and for some they have become my family. But it was time to find me..find a place I could stand on my own and begin to walk forward..taking many breaths...

But this wasnt a move to leave quickly in the dark, leaving behind my home and friends. This move was for growth rather than for my safety. My friendships will continue, my kids have been blessed with so much support in the community and from friends. The boys continue to amaze me and show me how they will achieve so much in life.

Life has had so many turns, bumps, sadness..yet interwoven with bright moments, accomplishments and smiles..and so now this chapter begins...on my own

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Kymberlee - The Paper Midwife said...

You will have to post about your new job there once you are ready to share.
Glad you are happy there and finding peace.