Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

Difficult to believe this year is almost at a end! It has been a eventful and busy year of change

I moved to Rockaway Beach mid summer in time for 3 months of decieving sunny warm weather..because when the rain and storms hit they REALLY hit!! I enjoyed the warm weather, blue skies and long walks...I dont enjoy the high winds, pouring rain and flooding!

I love my new job as a Family Care Specialist. Working with families in a social work setting has always been my goal. To see the changes and be able to help guide and give them tools to be better parents and keep their kids safe is challenging but definately rewarding.

Cory is now in Austraila and currenting driving circus and fair rides as it is summer there and he is loving traveling! He will be returning to the States in late March or early March with Yu Hsin along to start a new chapter in the USA

Nick is finishing college and working many hours building pizzas. Nick had a great summer of learning the siding and window install trade and impressed all with his ability to learn and work long hours and a physical trade.

I tend to drive between Portland and Tillamook as I am very blessed to have wonderful friends and kids that I enjoy spending time with. They remind me to breath, live and remember life can be good.

This holiday has been one of peace and change. Finding new ways to celebrate and finding many blessings along the way. Smiling is no longer a chore but a enjoyment. Life will never be as it once was and is only what I build and choose it to be. I am finding to use the past as a tool to continue to make the future a better place. It is hard at times to walk forward when the past holds comfort...but is no longer living when that is where I sit..I have alot to live for, a lot to see and so much to enjoy...I am more than ready to keep making those steps forward to to find the places and people who bring me joy and smiles. Every day wont be perfect or happy but it is progress forward that I look forward too..

I hope each of my friends, family and those to still meet find peace, love, joy and most of all contentment and fullfillment in the upcoming year...Never stop dreaming or wishing..make plans for the days ahead..let go of the days past..

Peace and Wishes


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