Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays

In my living room are the wooden letters that spell FAMILY, the metal letters that spell BELIEVE and LIFE, words in pictures that spell CHERISH and soon my tree ornament that spells WISH in crystals will dazzle in holiday lights...and each word holds a part of my returning to the daily want and need to live...each is a reminder of the year (2007) since I have had to remember to breath instead of it being an automatic bodily function...there were truly days it was so painful I wanted to forget how important that small word meant and the possibilities it held for a new this year BREATHE reminds me of its small yet vital importance to each minute, each hour and a new day....just breathe... This has been a year of many breathes, new starts, new discoveries and a return to feeling...and as I took a deep breathe I realized I would survive and I am thankful for each painful and sorrowful day as I am discovering it is ok to live and feel and I feel blessed .. I usually send out Christmas cards...I am sorry I haven't yet for those of you waiting but I want to take pictures with BOTH of my kids home and spending time together at the holidays. I am anxiously waiting for Cory to return December 20th and reunite with Nick and I. I am thankful he has had the discoveries he has had and is again embarking on.. in January 2012 as he goes to Australia! I am thankful for Yu Hsin in his life who has been by his side and he has discovered how beautiful and wonderful life and being in love is..his future is his and he is seeing the world and as much as I miss him daily I am excited for him! Nick moved home in March and was able to enroll in a highly qualified Fire Science program at Portland Community College. He is such a independent young man and spent the summer working not one but 2 jobs and attending summer college classes (he finished with a 4.0 GPA). I don't always see him daily but he does check in (often if we are out of milk!) and Troy moved back in..the boys have turned the garage into a "man cave" and have quite the set up out there! I went to San Francisco in July with Becky and we had a great 4th of July at Fisherman's Wharf, went to a Giants game and explored the city. I had a wonderful visit with Maxx and KT* as my brother and sis in law found a quick family need for Oregon help...and I felt so blessed to have such wonderful and a beautiful visit with the kids. I realized how fast my nieces and nephews have grown up and how much I truly love each one for who they are and the lives they lead. I am thankful for the relationships I have with each one and how i love by brothers and sisters and feel so fortunate to have a big family and so much support and love. They encourage, support and love thru good and bad..and sometimes it isn't easy :o) And my friends are all so different from one another but so precious in their part in my life...and often remind me to just enjoy has many ups and downs and it helps create who we are...embrace the good with the bad, strengthen yourself with the lessons and we truly learn by not repeating the mistakes but by changing them...and thru it all Just Breathe... I will send out 2012 New Year cards with pictures of Joy, Family and Fun...and I hope all of you have a phenomenal Holiday and a new year is days away...find your Dreams and Wish...always Believe and Cherish one another.... Stephanie

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Kymberlee said...

Happy Holidays to you as well Stephanie. Come see me