Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And we are 3 again...for a short time

Today has been a long 18 month count down...today my oldest son arrives from Taiwan via a short stop over in Seattle to visit... Cory Evan truly gave my life meaning and made me realize how the smallest of things were to be treasured and recognized. I knew from a young age I wanted to be a Mom. My dad used to cook breakfast and as I sat at the table he would ask what life would hold for me as I grew up..and my answer was always the same "I just want to be a Mom and well maybe a job but really I just want to be a Mom" then the answer was always how many kids.."I want 12 of them (ok so that was at the age of 6 or 7) by the time I was in high school I knew I wanted kids and I thought 4 to 6 would be my perfect big family... I was blessed with 2 birth children but have raised and loved many...I still know my best job and most important role in life has been to be a Mom. I loved being a wife and having a family. I truly am too domesticated and would give Betty Crocker or June Cleaver a run for their money...but in the end my most important job has been being a Mom. Having a family in any regards as a single Mom or as a wife and partner is beyond a joy and so fulfilling... When Cory was born my life was in turmoil..my marriage already showing signs of concern but here was this perfect beautiful bundle of life...regardless of the situation I was so happy and felt a part of my heart captured. I was teaching preschool and kindergarten so Cory came to work with me and he was such a joy and how everyone loved him. Cory was a quiet baby that watched and took in all that was around him, his blue eyes were so full of life. Cory was always the first child to offer to help, to work extra, to exceed expectations and take full joy in his accomplishments and learn from his mistakes. He really never was a tough kiddo to raise he almost was as tough on himself as anyone else could ever have been when life handed him hard lessons! (a lil too much like his Mom)He loves big hugs and long talks, he appreciates the small things in life and loves animals and kids (hence his desire to continue to work with children). When Cory decided to go off to Taiwan I knew he had all the tools and would dazzle with his abilities and desire to succeed to learn. I also knew my heart would hurt and I would miss him dearly but I knew he would do ok and he would make me proud..and he has!I am envious of his travels and see the world thru his eyes, pictures and words and I know I will always be his Mom and as much as I would love to keep them little I am overjoyed at watching him grow up. His next adventure to Australia should prove exciting and worldly and another stamp in his passport! To raise kids that are productive people in society, the community and in their homes and families is one goal every parent hopes for. I want my children to be educated, hard workers, honest and real with themselves and achieve their goals but also be able to weather the ups and downs life hands us..and Cory is proving those skills and abilities...he will go far and he will succeed and he will always be my first born son..he showed me that my life dream to be a Mom has been so worth every minute! And I still have Nick at home and who knows who else will enter my life...but I am glad I didn't have 12 after all (I think my Dad is glad too!!)

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