Monday, May 30, 2011

In this Little House

This was the house that a community helped build a home...We moved to this little house on a very cold October 20th, 1989 with a wee baby of 5 months. I fell in love with its homemade craftsman style. You could sit on the hardwood floors or stare at the glass door knobs and know it was crafted with local wood and love. The house was built by a mill worker and he was very talented! I loved the space and wood..I hated the no insulation and having to go to the basement to feed the monster wood burner (a coal converted furnace)..but would I ever understand the impact that this house had for 10 yrs and even now 22 yrs later as I returned.

This house reminded me of my time in Harney County. The community and my friends provided wonderful support and structure..they were my base and the reason I fell in love with this area. Yet my marriage was like the unfunctioning furnance and cold without insulation. As warm and cozy as my house looked from the street it was cold inside. One wall has magnificient old glass could see the warm sunlite shine thru but you couldnt see the messy house, unfolded laundry, me in my PJs at 2pm or the tears that ran down my face.

I had a wonderful weekend meeting with friends and smiling, laughing, hugging and much to share! I missed them all so dearly..they warmed my heart and made me smile. They reminded me of the fun and good times, the times where I loved life and loved being a part of this community. I wanted to put 36 hours into one day and stretch out my 3 day weekend into longer. I wanted to hear their voices and laughter over and over...I want them to know how much I dearly miss them and how much I love them for all they have given to me and how I never stopped missing or thinking of them...and how I will never go 12 plus years again without knowing how their week went, what their kids are doing..or how they are doing...Life is too Short and people do grow a part because we get too busy or forget to check in or move away..but isnt there people you just miss so dearly and wonder how they are...After this weekend it reminds me to slow down and take the time because my friends are worth it..people are worth it

I woke up this morning..opened my window and missed the smell of juniper and listening to the wind..and I miss the sound of laughter..until next time I said..just until next time

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