Monday, March 7, 2011

A NEW Journey

Life I have decided is made up of many journeys that take us different a road trip..and some times we get lost or off on a path that isn't positive or healthy...
So I have decided my journey needs to make a change on a different path..
My health means my kids have a Mom for many years and I have so many plans and dreams to my new journey begins..where food isn't the focus but health and a future are..
After talking to my health coach last night the question of "Picture your self at the end of the journey".. "What do you want to look or feel like?"...I have pondered that all has been so long I have NO idea what that looks like or feels like..I have had 2 babies (now 18 and 21) I have had major health issues (gall bladder, tubal, psuto brain tumor, thyroid and torn knee issues) that have plauged me for 20 I have no idea who to live again thinner and healthy (never over 105lbs until after HS)So I have decided at this time I can not think THAT far out..right now is for today..these 24 hours where I will stay OP (on plan) and be good to myself (read a book, listen to music & visit with friends) instead of eating food or veggie around....maybe just maybe as I go along the ideal "future" me will be visible..the inside me will still be me with healtier ideals!

Soooo the journey feelings today..excited with a topping of nerves and hope...

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