Monday, January 10, 2011

The Homeboys!

I have been a Duck fan since very young and growing up in Eugene area meant driving past the campus and going to Autzen Stadium. Sports camps, drama groups and sometimes just grabbing a bite to eat, made going to the campus a larger than life experience. My boys spent 4 summers attending wrestling camp for 2 weeks at the U of O..I felt like I was returning to college again.. walking thru the dorms and listening to their adventures and the runs on Autzen's stairs...the games I attended were so exciting and full of OOOOOOOOO's and fan support..sometimes it makes your skin tingle (well ok sometimes that is because it is soo cold you lose partial feeling) but the smiles and the laughter and all the green and is like a county fair without the rides..or Disneyland..The Greatest Place on Earth (why not we already have the Duck!)

All season the hype has been there..sitting on the edge of my chair..sometime almost on the floor..and the next day's raspy voice yet a smile that couldn't be stopped..because the day before was a Oregon Ducks football game..I had eyes wide with excitement, nails clutching at my seat and forget the eliptical I did enough cardio for a week with jumping up and down and hollering...GO GO GO YESSSS that's My Ducks! Sometimes a OHHH No Ohhh Cmon..I BELIEVE...whew a perfect season ended with a victorious win again Oregon to wait for Jan 10, 2011

I found that this year Dec 25th excitement wasn't for Christmas but it meant that many days closer to the Natty's and closer to see the Ducks represent. Ohhh a 10 days left countdown seemed to drag on..teasing me and making me wait to see the end one way or another to a glorious 2010-2011 football season

I played I LOVE MY DUCKS and Return of the Quack so many times my dog now wags her tail in rhythm and all the neighbors shake their heads. December was celebrated in Yellow and Green ..what.. wait Red and Green..huh?? we live in Oregon..YELLOW and Green..Go Ducks Go replaced Ho Ho Ho and the posts on Facebook were of excitement for that guy to not Santa..Chip Kelly!

In the meantime we had announcements of awards and recognitions and outstanding player awards from across the nation in support of my Ducks..Coach of the Year..Chip Kelly was announced more than once..and my favorite lists weren't groceries or "Santa I Wants" but were AP Polls, Coaches Polls and BCS standings..continually in the top 2 and usually #1..

Listening to Sebastian Bach rock the Ducks Power Ballad and Ellen was at the EMU on campus, celebrities support the big O gear and people all over the State of Oregon rave and CHEER...WE LOVE OUR DUCKS..because we do..we really do

It has been a tough economic year and for many a downturn and struggle..and here was a team pulling us together good or bad and kept rolling in the wins to support their fans, school and state. Chip Kelly kept the group respectful and honorable..building a team & bringing a state together.

So after a 10 day countdown, tonight was the night..and it was our night..not for a win but for pride and sportsmanship, for true fans and a great state..There is always a winner and a loser by points..but for heartfelt and loyal fans The Ducks are winners..and without really knowing the true impact they have had.. they gave joy, pride and dignity to the State of Oregon..they made this fan more than once have tears of joy and smiles of pride...

So with my heart I posted this last night on my Facebook page and meant every word:

They made school history, 12-0 season, took home a slew of trophy's..Chip Kelly was named & awarded many Coach of the Years..La Michael James won many awards..we were in the top 2 90% of the season & were #1 on many of the polls all season...many of the players coming back next year..they were respectful and honorable and represented Oregon and its finest..THANK YOU U of O 2010 Players and Staff..GO DUCKS!!

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