Monday, September 29, 2008

Relating life at 18

Cory had to write a book report last year and when going thru old papers he gave this to me..again a reflection of his loss and the day march 2, 2007 that would always change our lives..

A person in this book reminded me of who my dad was, all the way up to his tragic death. This person happens to be the Reverend in the book. My dad is blunt, straight to the point, and my hero. When he got mad, you knew it; and so did everyone around you as well. He made a huge impact on a lot of lives, and not just mine, many others too. He made you laugh, cry, and pissed off at other times, but he always loved us. He was a very respectable man, and stood up for what he believed in. He was a German that stood six foot three inches and weighed two hundred and sixty pounds. But that morning I had no Idea that anything this devastating would ever happen. I woke up to get ready for another school day of Senior year Highschool, and so did my little brother, Nick, accept he was Freshmen. Everyone said we look the same. It was true accept that Nick didn’t want to ever admit it. I went to the kitchen where I could see my Dad on the computer doing who knows what. He was most likely looking at guns, knifes, or rocks for all of his collections. About ten minutes later right as me and Nick headed off for school, my Dad was complaining about having pain in his lower back area. But we had no time to be concerned, so we shouted as we left goodbye any have a good day. We headed out the door into my truck, when we got to the school we split up to go into our cliques until the bell rang. Fist period went by just fine, the whole time I was in there I was wondering if my Dad was going to be ok. Then second period rolls around and half-way through English 12 my teacher gives me a note saying that I need to get down to the Main office immediately. So I grabbed all of my stuff and zoomed down there, and I was greeted by the nicest person in the whole world I bet her name, Shari. “ Sit down honey” she said with a soft voice “ Your brother should be here soon” she said reassuring that this was about my Father. My brother showed up, and we sat side by side to each other, Shari turned to us and asked “Do one of you boys know how to get to the Meridian Hospital from here?” I raised my hand “I do.” “Ok, now, sweethearts, from what I’ve heard your dad is not doing so well, and your mother said not to worry, but to hurry on down to the Hospital and see what’s going on, ok.” she explained. “Alright Shari we will, thanks for your help” Nick said. “Bye” I said with my voice cracking. “Nick, go wait in the truck. I’ll be there in five minutes”. I said walking away. He assured me with teary red eyes and nodded. I ran to my truck and jumped in, I could see dried up tears up on nicks face, I buckled up and sped on the back roads to the hospital. We walked in to the ER and saw my mom right away, she grabbed us two boys and cried on our shoulders, me and my brother squeezed her tightly and poured all of our emotion on her shoulder. We sat in the waiting room with close and distant family talking amongst ourselves for about four hours until, my mother came out of the operating room and said with what seemed like a pained sorrowed voice and said that he had an aneurism that was down in his stomach and was on a main blood vessel that was connected to the heart. We all looked at her with open jaws. “Cory, Nick, come with me” she took us to the room with four tissue boxes and a lot of chairs. In there were my grandparents, step sister and brother, mom, my aunt, and two cousins. We sat in there for about twenty minutes when the doctor slowly waked in with his blue operating suit on. “We tried to do all we could, but after the aneurism burst we couldn’t get the blood to clot over the skin graft unfortunately, William has passed away” the doctor said with tears gathering in his eyes. That’s when the tissues came handy, every one found a shoulder to cry on and we sobbed and mourned for this great lost of a now remembered man, a respected man, and a man that I will never forget him for the rest of my time on earth. After the tears my mother asked me and my brother Nick if we wanted to see our Dad for the last time. We nodded our heads and she took us to the operating room. My eyes thought this was a trick, and unreal, but sadly I was mistaken. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a dead body, but I thought it would be someone else my first time seeing one. I walked up to him and noticed his skin was as pale as the mind could imagine. And his lips where blue. I was expecting him to sit up and say that he was ok, but when he didn’t that reassured me that this was real. I picked up his dead cold hand while my brother and mom watched. I said to him “Dad I will never forget you, and I hope your in a better place now.”
After that day, I went to school in the morning, Nick stayed home, and I felt like my life was reduce to a steaming pile of crud. I went down the halls with people I didn’t even know giving me the stare of pity. He was my hero And from that day forward hundreds, maybe thousand’s, of people would show their respect and tip there hats to the thoughts of him, and take a moment of silence to honored his time on earth.

The above picture is of Cory and one of his favorite cousins, Sabrina. We were at the Steens Mountians to spread Bills ashes. Fall 2007

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