Monday, April 5, 2010

A plate of Fresh Veggies

Ordinarily I would have taken a picture...but imagine the colors of carrots, snow peas and broccoli...bright and bold and so delish! That was lunch..along with a Boca burger (I heart them!) I have very little appetite but felt I need to feed the body to fight the why not be healthy and yummy! I am determined to walk at least 30 min tonight..just to feel energy and not just wish for it..this cold is really hanging on and I am getting FRUSTRATED!

Easter consisted of Chinese Food, a stop at the pharmacy for more Nyquil and back to bed! Nick was a trooper and was so understanding and decided no chocolate bunny needed..he would make brownies! So he did!

I just am so ready to feel better so I can get on with working out and feeling the "spring" back in my step..not the stuffy nose and froggy voice!

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